Dutch Research Council

Dutch Research Council

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has announced a Call for Incentive Grants for Women in STEM to retain women who are qualified in science or the engineering sciences, and to provide them with a stable launchpad for an academic career.

To this end, this grant will support women who are temporarily without funding but who, nevertheless, have good prospects of obtaining a permanent or more senior research position (from Tenure Track) in science or the engineering sciences.

This will involve providing financial support to research institutions, which will enable them to appoint a woman for a transitional period before she takes up that position. One example is when universities offer candidates a permanent or more senior position, but the position in question is not immediately available. The grant can then be used to bridge this ‘gap’.

Funding Information

  • NWO has made a budget of €3.6 million available to the domains of Science (ENW) and Applied and Engineering Sciences (TTW) for 2020.
  • This budget will be used to fund Incentive Grants for women in STEM. This annual budget is allocated by means of the ‘get it before it’s gone’ principle. If the available resources are exhausted before the end of the calendar year, then no further applications will be processed until the following calendar year.
  • With regard to funding proposals, in this call people can apply for total amounts ranging from €20,000 to €250,000.

Eligibility Criteria

All women in Science or Applied and Engineering Sciences with a doctorate from the Netherlands or elsewhere can apply, whether or not they have permanent employment.

Post Date - 08-May-2020


The Dutch Research Council (NWO) ensures quality and innovation in science and facilitates its impact on society. Its main task is to fund scientific research at public research institutions in the Netherlands, especially universities. NWO focuses on all scientific disciplines and fields of research. The funds are allocated by means of a national competition on the basis of quality and independent assessment and selection procedures. NWO plays several roles as a broad, national research organisation that actively contributes to various elements of national science and innovation policy.

For more https://www.nwo.nl/en/common/about-nwo/corona-virus/corona-virus

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