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The European Commission through its Representation in Lithuania, has launched a call for proposals to select partners for EUROPE DIRECT activities in 2021-2025.

EUROPE DIRECT is in constant contact with citizens to ensure greater ownership of the European project. By organizing information and active citizenship activities, EUROPE DIRECT enables citizens to make informed decisions about the future of the EU by participating fully in the European democratic process.

By raising awareness of how the EU and its parliamentary democracy work and what issues fall within the EU's remit, EUROPE DIRECT raises citizens' awareness of what the EU does for them in their daily lives, while emphasizing its added value.

EUROPE DIRECT helps identify aspects of EU policy that are relevant at local level and can develop applications and actions to meet local needs. Through its information and citizen involvement activities, EUROPE DIRECT helps to formulate the strategic policy priorities of the Commission and Parliament.

In addition, EUROPE DIRECT is interested in citizens' expectations and provides feedback to the EU institutions.

EUROPE DIRECT works closely with the Commission's Representations and the European Parliament's Liaison Offices (hereinafter "EBRD") in the Member States concerned. It also seeks to cooperate with other EU information networks and local communication partners, including relevant local networks (where they exist), and to assist them in exchanging information and coordinating action.

Five Main Tasks

  1. Task 1: Information and citizen involvement
  2. Task 2: Relations with local media and disseminators
  3. Task 3: Understanding of locally sensitive EU-related topics
  4. Task 4: EU theme in schools
  5. Task 5: Support for a regional network

Funding Information

  • All under this call for proposals for co-financing of projects in the first The budget for the year of implementation (2021) is EUR 211 203
  • The annual amount of each grant year 2022-2025 will be 30 400 euro.


  • All EUROPE DIRECT must have:
    • a recognizable space (hereinafter referred to as " EUROPE DIRECT Headquarters") marked with a table with the name of the institution, attached to the façade of the building at ground floor level, and information on EUROPE DIRECT should be provided as close as possible to that table working hours and /or opportunities to arrange a meeting and contact telephone number;
    • a dedicated telephone line and e-mail. postal address; and
    • be visible on the Internet
  • All EUROPE DIRECT must:
    • to support communication activities organized by the Commission Representation and the EBRD; and participation in promotional activities, including community development respond to individual requests for meetings;
    • answer questions or direct people to relevant EU networks; or
    • Europe Direct Contact Center
    •  communicate with the public on social networks;
    • disseminating EU publications, information, videos and communications;
    • evaluate the activities of EUROPE DIRECT using a satisfaction survey the measure to be provided by the Commission;
    • to report monthly in English on its EUROPE DIRECT activities, using an online reporting tool managed by the Commission

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applications may be submitted by any of the following applicants:
    • a public authority, such as a municipality or another local or regional level public authority, or
    • association of local authorities, public legal entity.
  • Natural persons are considered ineligible

Post Date - 11-Aug-2020

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