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The call for proposals for the 2021 to 2022 Nation Rebuilding Program is now open.

The Government of Canada has committed to a forward-looking and transformative agenda to renew relationships with Indigenous peoples. Indigenous groups are seeking to rebuild their nations in a manner that responds to their priorities and the unique needs of their communities.

Through Budget 2018, funding has been made available for 5 years starting in fiscal year 2018 to 2019, to support activities that would facilitate Indigenous communities’ own path to reconstituting their nations. Funding is provided annually, for up to 5 years, through contribution agreements. 2018 and 2019 calls for proposals resulted in the selected projects below, some of which are multi-year. 


The objective of the program is to support nation rebuilding efforts that will contribute to increase capacity at the larger nation level.

The provision of this capacity funding will promote:

  • the re-establishment of Indigenous nations
  • an increase in the ability of Indigenous nations to take on greater sectorial responsibilities, thereby facilitating a phased-in approach to self-determination and ultimately self-governance
  • an increase in the sense of unity within Indigenous nations
  • identification and agreement among member communities on priorities for action and approaches to issues
  • a reduction in the duplication of the resolution of issues at the individual First Nation or Indigenous community level by working as a collective at the nation-level

Funding Information

The total amount of funding available for this program is $100 million over 5 years, amounting to $20 million per fiscal year to distribute across the country.

Eligible Activities and Expenditures

Eligible activities are those supporting the program objective and may include but are not limited to:

  • community engagement and consultation
  • capacity development training and workshops
  • advisory committees
  • gatherings aimed at developing culturally appropriate governance structures and institutions
  • the determination of nation level priorities
  • the discussion of issues and opportunities to rebuild as a nation
  • constitution development
  • institutional or leadership capacity building development in support of rebuilding efforts and taking on the exercise of rights, including self-government
  • research and information gathering, such as Elder interviews or archival research
  • other initiatives that foster nationhood

Eligible expenditures include, but are not limited to:

  • salaries and wages
  • accommodations
  • hardware and software needed for capacity development
  • administrative costs
  • supplies and materials
  • information and training services
  • travel costs
  • professional services, such as speakers, legal advice, and coordinators
  • event, meeting or workshop costs, such as rentals, related supplies, and logistics
  • honoraria
  • communications

Eligible Initiatives

To be eligible for funding, proposals must clearly demonstrate:

  • that they are including more than one Indigenous group of the same nation (cultural or language background or historical treaty lines) facilitating a phased-approach to take on greater sectorial responsibilities to self-determination and self-governance
  • that the activities contribute to nation rebuilding by increasing capacity for action at the larger nation level and by fostering a greater sense of attachment identity

Who can apply?

Preference will be given to Indigenous nations representing multiple Indigenous communities. Recipients eligible to receive funding under this program are the following:

  • Indigenous nations entities (as self-defined and representing nation-based collectives - could be linked by cultural or linguistic background, geographical area or historical treaty lines)
  • nation member communities or member organizations on behalf of nation entities
  • Section 35 rights-bearing Métis entities
  • national and regional Indigenous organizations
  • self-governing Indigenous governments

Post Date - 03-Nov-2020

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