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The European Economic Area (EEA) financial mechanism programme “Health” 2014-2021 has launched the open call for “Provision of health offices in pre-schools and schools with methodological tools”.

Through the open call “Provision of health offices in pre-schools and schools with methodological tools” (hereinafter – the Call) the Programme Operator seeks to select and support projects that best contribute to achieving Outcome 2 of the Health Programme.

The Call will aim to improve the services for children that are provided in the health offices of pre-school education institutions and schools, thus ensuring the well-being of children and young people. To ensure enhanced bilateral relations between Lithuania and the Donor States, projects supported under this call may be prepared and implemented in partnership with entities from Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway.


  • The general objective of the Programme is to improve prevention and reduce inequalities in health.
  • The Programme will provide support for mental health promotion and prevention measures with emphasis on the well-being of children and youth and their families, primarily through strengthening the community-based mental health services (Outcome 1) and improving well-being of children and youth (Outcome 2) by establishing clearly defined, expected results.

Funding Information

  • The minimum grant applied for shall not be less than €200.000,00
  • The maximum grant applied for shall not be more than €250.000,00


Up to 24 months.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Potential Applicants are Lithuanian Republic public authorities (national, regional and local authorities. A state or municipal institution or body - representative, head of state, executive, judicial authorities, law enforcement authorities and bodies, institutions and bodies performing audit, control (supervision), other state and municipal institutions and bodies which are financed from the state or municipal budgets and public monetary funds, and which have been conferred with public administration powers in accordance with the procedure established by the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Public Administration) and the Municipal Public Health Bureaus (a municipal public healthcare budgetary institution established to perform the statutory public healthcare functions in the municipality).
  • Project Partners are Lithuanian Republic and Donor State (Norwegian, Icelandic, Liechtensteinian) public authorities (national, regional and local authorities) and Lithuanian Municipal Public Health Bureaus and equivalent legal persons from Donor States.
  • In this Call, the same institution can submit one application only as an Applicant/Project Promoter. Should an Applicant submit more than one application, the first submitted application only shall be assessed (based on the date and time of its submission), and all other applications shall be rejected.
  • The number of project partners is unlimited.

Eligible Activities

  • Assistance under Programme will be provided to the following activities:
    • basic repairs of heath offices of pre-school education institutions and schools (hereinafter – the health offices);
    • acquisition of methodological tools for the health offices (tools for strengthening of mental health, tools for public health risk factors, tools for the development of healthy lifestyle skills, information and communication technology tools, other methodological tools) that are required for carrying out the prevention and enhancement of mental health at schools / pre-schools.
    • The percentage of the measures to promote mental health, that are included in the Project, of the total number of tools that are planned to be acquired must be at least 10%.
  • In the implementation of the project the Applicants shall contribute to the achievement of the following outcome indicators:
    • Number of beneficiaries of services provided or improved;
    • Share of trained staff self-reporting on improved capacity to recognize and treat cases of children and youth suffering from bullying and/or psycho-social problems.
  • Applicants shall contribute to the achievement of the following Programme output indicators:
    • Number of health offices in pre-schools and schools with improved services for children;
    • Number of local specialists/service providers involved in providing services for children/youth.

Post Date - 05-Aug-2020

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