Google News Initiative (GNI)

Eligibility:   The Middle East, Africa and Turkey GNI Innovation Challenge is open to organizations of every size..etc.

Location:  Algeria ,Angola ,Bahrain ,Benin ,Botswana ,Burkina Faso ,Cabo Verde ,Cameroon ,Central African Republic (the) ,Congo (the) ,Côte d'Ivoire ,Democratic Republic of the Congo (the) ,Djibouti ,Egypt ,Equatorial Guinea ,Gambia (the) ,Lesotho ,Libya ,Madagascar ,Mali ,Mauritius ,Morocco ,Nigeria ,Oman ,Qatar ,Saudi Arabia ,Sierra Leone ,South Africa ,Sudan (the) ,Swaziland ,Togo ,Turkey ,Zimbabwe ,Burundi ,Chad ,Comoros (the) ,Eritrea ,Ethiopia ,Gabon ,Ghana ,Grenada ,Guinea ,Iraq ,Israel ,Jordan ,Kenya ,Kuwait ,Lebanon ,Liberia ,Malawi ,Mauritania ,Mozambique ,Namibia ,Niger (the) ,Rwanda ,Sao Tome and Principe ,Senegal ,Seychelles ,Somalia ,South Sudan ,Tunisia ,Uganda ,United Arab Emirates (the) ,Zambia ,State of Palestine (the) * ,

Grant Size :   USD $150,000

Closing Date:   02-09-2019

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Google News Initiative (GNI) has launched its first Innovation Challenge in the Middle East, Africa & Turkey Region.The first Middle East, Africa & Turkey GNI Innovation Challenge will focus on projects which increase reader engagement and/or explore new business models to build a stronger f... Learn More

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