Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation

Eligibility:   The foundation supports recognised civilian non-profit organisations headquartered in Switzerland or the UK with experienced, highly qualified leading managers. And organisations that are able to assess projects in line with scientific standards and apply recognised reporting methods.

Location:  Afghanistan ,Angola ,Central African Republic (the) ,Mali ,Myanmar ,Nigeria ,Yemen ,Chad ,Ethiopia ,Pakistan ,Somalia ,South Sudan ,Syrian Arab Republic (the) ,

Grant Size :  protection for civilians, especially displaced persons and refugees psychosocial assistance and rehabilitation of the victims of war and conflict

Closing Date:   11-11-2019

About the Grant

Conflict and Violence Grant Program is now open for Applications.

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About Doner

The Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation is seeking applications for its “Conflict and Violence Grant Program” to protect the lives, safety, dignity and physical and mental well-being of these people. The projects they back deal primarily with the causes, attendant circumstances and consequences o... Learn More

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