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US$125 million

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Global Agriculture and Food Security Program


GAFSP Call for Proposals for Producer Organization


This Call for Proposals will be open to POs 5 that are registered and operating in the target GAFSP eligible country and whose mandate is aligned with GAFSP’s objectives.etc.

Afghanistan ,Bangladesh ,Benin ,Bhutan ,Burkina Faso ,Burundi ,Cambodia ,Central African Republic (the) ,Chad ,Comoros (the) ,Congo (the) ,Guinea ,Guinea-Bissau ,Guyana ,Haiti ,Honduras ,Kiribati ,Kyrgyzstan ,Lao People's Democratic Republic (the) ,Lesotho ,Liberia ,Madagascar ,Malawi ,Maldives ,Marshall Islands (the) ,Micronesia (Federated States of) ,Myanmar ,Nepal ,Nicaragua ,Rwanda ,Sao Tome and Principe ,Somalia ,South Sudan ,Tajikistan ,Yemen ,

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Global Agriculture and Food Security Program
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The Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) Steering Committee has launched its sixth GAFSP Call for Proposals to improve the income and food security of poor people in low-income countries through public and private sector investments, as well as technical assistance and advisory se... Learn More

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