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Call for Proposals for COVID-19 Crisis Line Grant Round


To qualify for the $500 kickstarter credit and discounted pricing, you must be a 501(c)(3) organization or your domestic equivalent, or a B Corp or social enterprise committed to creating a positive social impact. When you sign up, you will need to submit documentation verifying your status.

Argentina ,Australia ,Belgium ,Bolivia (Plurinational State of) ,Burkina Faso ,Cameroon ,Chile ,Colombia ,Egypt ,Estonia ,France ,Germany ,Greece ,Hungary ,India ,Ireland ,Italy ,Japan ,Kazakhstan ,Latvia ,Lithuania ,Malaysia ,Morocco ,Netherlands (the) ,Nicaragua ,Nigeria ,Peru ,Poland ,Republic of Moldova (the) ,Russian Federation (the) ,South Africa ,Spain ,Switzerland ,Turkey ,Ukraine ,United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the) ,United States of America (the) ,Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) ,Zimbabwe ,Austria ,Bangladesh ,Bosnia and Herzegovina ,Brazil ,Bulgaria ,Canada ,China ,Costa Rica ,Cyprus ,Denmark ,Ecuador ,El Salvador ,Finland ,Ghana ,Guyana ,Honduras ,Iceland ,Israel ,Jordan ,Kenya ,Luxembourg ,Malta ,Monaco ,Montenegro ,Namibia ,New Zealand ,Niger (the) ,Norway ,Pakistan ,Panama ,Paraguay ,Philippines (the) ,Portugal ,Romania ,Rwanda ,Singapore ,Sweden ,Uganda ,United Arab Emirates (the) ,Uruguay ,Viet Nam ,State of Palestine (the) * ,

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The invites you to submit your application for the COVID-19 crisis line grant round.The impact of COVID-19 on people around the world compounds every day. In these difficult times, millions of people are reaching out to hotlines and helplines for support, counseling, resources, and inform... Learn More
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