‏The most difficult thing that we face at Portal 365 is linking our projects with writing proposals and looking for funding.

Organizations will not feel the change and the benefit unless they can reach the fundings. Of course, this is a huge challenge for us. Despite the amazing results achieved during the last period, these results happened because of the organizations and their leaders who made a great effort and worked day and night until they reached for the needed result.
What we gave was just tips and a little guidance only.But the work, coordination, writing for the proposals and communication with donors were all done by the organizations themselves.

Therefore, most of categories that we enjoy their training are the organizations that do not give up, do not despair and continue to follow up, write and develop proposals and submit to donors tirelessly.

One of the organizations that were trained during the year 2016, Its administrators are young men and women in their 20s, They were able to write more than 25 proposals and submitted for donors available online.

As far as we know, four proposals have been accepted and funded. With total amounts over 200 thousand dollars for all winning proposals. The implementation of these projects has left a significant imprint on the lives of thousands of women, men, young men, young women, boys and girls in Yemen.
For us, this is the real success. To see success stories and to live with successful organizations as well.