Gupta Family Foundation

Gupta Family Foundation

The Gupta Family Foundation is offering Grants to uplifting and empowering individuals disadvantaged by poverty or disability, or by discrimination based on race, class or religion; providing social services to the elderly, disabled, children and those who are disadvantaged; and providing relief for emergencies (such as genocide) and natural disasters.

The goal of Gupta Family Foundation is to support intervention programs that assist and inspire people to achieve self-sufficiency. Grants are made to non-government organizations (NGOs) around the world that provide social assistance to people challenged by poverty, disability, or discrimination. The foundation also supports relief agencies that serve people affected by emergencies and natural disasters.


Gupta Family Foundation (formerly Apex Foundation) is a private, nonprofit foundation headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, USA, with a focus on smaller organizations all around the world that are led by individuals with a deep personal commitment to their projects. At least 90% of grant monies is expected to directly reach the beneficiaries. Administrators of Gupta Family Foundation conduct site visits to grantee organizations to experience and evaluate their activities periodically.


Funding Information


The foundation evaluates and awards grants annually that range up to $50,000 (USD).




Gupta Family Foundation will support organizations which:

  • Ensure that 90% of their resources reach the intended beneficiaries and less than 10% are spent on management, administration, fund-raising, salaries, etc.
  • Are being actively run by the Founder or the guiding light, and not by professional staff.
  • Assist beneficiaries in overcoming their limitations and achieving self-sufficiency over time.
  • Are non-sectarian and do not, directly or indirectly, support or condone the proselytization of religious beliefs of any kind, by inducing, recruiting or in any other manner causing any individual or group of individuals to convert to a different faith or religion.

Post Date - 19-Jul-2021

Donor`s grants

Location :  Yemen- Estonia- Syrian Arab Republic (the)- Turkey- Saudi Arabia- + 210 country

Grant Size :   $10,000 to $100,000

Closing Date :   9/30/2021 10:56:00 PM

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