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A software system built mainly to accelerate NGO growth and effectiveness through facilitating grant writing ,project technical and financial managment which contributes to integrated data driven quantitative perfomance improvment as per the Capacity Development Model

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Vision Productive and Smart NGOs

Mission To be the most reliable platform for accelerating NGO growth through innovative and integrated system specialized in grant writing and integrated program management with cloud services.

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Portal 365 has 6 packages built into the system, all of which facilitate daily operations to ensure faster growth for the organization

Proposal Writing

Speed up proposals writing by involving more than one user in the proccess as well as by adding indicators, activities and outputs for each project through interactive and easy to-use tools.

Project Management

Keep track of ongoing projects and manage them through this package. You can view all the activities of the project, comment and give feedback to the staff and view the project overall progress.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitor and evaluate the organization's projects. With this package, you can write effective reports and include them in pre-prepared templates ready to use and easy to download.

Human Resources

Follow up daily operations of your NGO staff and volunteers .. You can assign the necessary tasks for each member and monitor achievement for each task.

Procurements & Warehouses

With Portal 365, you no longer need a separate system to manage your procurement and warehouses. Portal 365 can take care of all your NGO procurements and warehouses in efficient and easy to use way.

Financial Management

We know the importance of the financial management. Therefore, we have facilitated this matter by taking care of your organization financial operations and documenting them in financial records.

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