Why Portal365

It is well known that the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are struggling every day to get to the donors and keep a steady level of quality of work so they ensure improved growth and chances of sustainability.

NGOs working in low income and fragile countries are having greater challenges due to the very high turnover of their experienced staff, which puts them at risk of losing both donors opportunities and level of working capacity, which lead to decreased growth and less impact among their targeted beneficiaries.

Portal365 has been developed mainly to support NGOs to keep developing proposals, manage and monitor projects, and write reports at similar quality even if they have lost their senior staff. This is because Portal365 will provide them with the tools and drop-down standard indicators, shortening time of beneficiary calculations, provide standard templates for writing activity reports, monthly and progress reports, in addition to making progress monitoring & communications between the NGO staff at different levels of management a very interesting experience.

NGOs that have been established lately, will need Portal365 the most, as it brings them a standardized processes at all program/project life cycle, it is also helping them to shape their strategies at the quantitative program level, which accelerate their learning, growth and effectiveness.

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